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Crossing Points


Nihalani_Meenkashi_Head of The Tongue _2

Installation : Head of the Tongue , Cotton textile , Thread, Wire, Metal.Size : 152 CMS

How does artificial intelligence impact our thinking? 

Crossing points is an exhibition inspired by the infrastructure of the city of Mumbai, formerly termed Bombay, on the west coast of India. A metropolitan city is originally a group of 7 islands in habitats the most diverse section of people. 
This city which was once a part of the Mauryan Empire and ruled by the emperor Ashoka is an ambitious place reflecting history in every street. The city was also the main base of the Indian independence movement. From 1917 to 1934, Mahatma Gandhi had also set up a base here. After India's independence in 1947, Bombay became the capital of the homonymous state of Bombay, which was named Maharashtra in 1960.
The growth of infrastructure and the progression towards technology is visible through the amalgamation of old structures and new structures as a part of life in Mumbai. 
One such prominent feature of the city is visible through the electrical wires throughout the city.  Since the spread of technology since 90’s has made the city more connected. As a major component of technology as well a part of the aesthetics of the visual scene, the black wires running through the city stand so strong as though holding the city together like a mass installation form as an inspiring visual. This drawing like the feature of the wires joining each street seems as though unifying the whole of the districts and the people.
This surreal feature of connection being the topic of the art exhibition, we tend to show the progressive character though joining of wires through the city in the form of art. 
Our initiation is to get together as one and symbolize the unity through the connecting wires like in India. 
As this project is under the umbrella of Kunstfabrik in Wixhausen, the artist from Germany and India would unify together to make art and bring forth the feature of Mumbai and Germany.





Vernissage : 3rd February, 2017,18.00 hrs

Kunstfabrik Bhf,


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