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Making Space  
 19th Sept - 19th Oct 2019


There is No Finishing Line_Nihalani Meen

On August 15th, 1947 when India achieved freedom from the uncontrolled passions of the British rule which had extended for over 200 years from the mid-18th century to the Indian Independence in 1947, the nation had seen a lot during this transition.

India suffered through a long chaotic journey from famines to mass killing to brutal slavery and robbing and exhausting of the country of the surplus natural resources in front of their eyes.

It was during this moment when the Quit India Movement resulted in the union of all India, especially through the movement being taken over by women when all men were imprisoned and killed during the war in the last critical quarter of time which led to achieving independence and end the occupation of the British rule over India.


This was a great mark in history and was also the reflection of the inviolable willpower of women reflecting the phenomenal leadership quality. The moment had given birth to the rise of collective thinking towards achieving the common goal of freedom. The breakthrough gave a glimpse of the significant thinking of women in politics and socioeconomic influences. The theory of the presence and involvement of women in political and educational activities is a much-required necessity at this time where we stand.


The artworks here highlight the notion of unity to the realization of self-identity and unique perspective towards the upbringing of a civilization. The organic presence of dynamism in Matriarchy thinking has a unique element and power for an evolved society.


The technique of the works involved here explicitly mock the society from where I stand, a twist by introducing the element of stitching and sewing which is commonly taught to every girl child to intentionally groom her towards serving the male companion. With the idea of invoking a new trend, the technique is used as an element for self-individuality and to unite women at a grassroots level.

Meenakshi nihalani 

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