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By Which We Unravel: "Identity and Nationhood"
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By Which We Unravel: Identity and Nationhood / Auf Spurensuche: Identität und Nationalität

Curated by Vladimir M

This Summer 2018 the CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF SUBSTRUCTURED LOSS is proud to host international interdisciplinary artists Meenakshi Nihalani (IN).

In investigating historical and political climates and their present-day shift; the evidence is depicted as a personal installation of story and process for those that follow, of those that challenged, and for those that are unable to speak. Presenting a call to action- research as artefact and craft as ritual are as performative as they are illustrative, and the structures, by which these artists unravel: identity and nationhood.
Nihalani’s works are seen as multidimensional and conceptual representations of forms which narrate human and gender-based confrontation as a core struggle in the unrepresented and unseen layers of society. Traditional embroidery, thread, and textile can be seen depicting the conflicting duality as structures within visual forms over their intended practical and functional uses in "There is NO Finishing LINE’ and ‘The TORCH".

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